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Andrew Garfield Archives is a fan-site for the wonderfully talented Andrew Garfield. The website was founded by Vicki on December 19, 2020 with the name Andrew Garfield Online. It is currently maintained by Elliott, who adopted the site in February 2021 and, after a brief hiatus, relaunched it under its current moniker in April 2021.

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Andrew Garfield Archives is an unofficial fan site dedicated to Andrew Garfield. We do not know Andrew, nor are we authorized by him, his family, or any of her representatives. Any e-mails sent to Andrew will be discarded without being read. This site was created to promote awareness and interest about Andrew’s career.

Content on this site is used under the Fair Use Copyright Law Section 107. Any watermarks are strictly for promotional purposes. The webmaster does not claim ownership to anything found on this site. This is a 100% non-profit website made by a fan for fans. If any content on this website is belonging to you and you wish for it be removed, we will do so without any hesitation.

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