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December 13 2021
Episodes Guide

1.01 (June 7, 2005)
Directed by Sean Grundy & Written by Katie Baxendale

In the English town of Brighton, Kim is a young teenager who lives with her parents and younger brother. She holds a crush for her sexy best mate Sugar, a heterosexual girl who is oblivious to Kim’s burning passion. An honest display of sexual identity harbored in adolescent struggles.

1.03 (June 14, 2005)
Directed by Sean Grundy & Written by Katie Baxendale

Even by Brighton teenager standards, Kim’s Sugar-obsession is pathetically desperate. ‘Alien’ Matt has withdrawn into his completely blue ET bedroom. Dale still studly satisfies Stella, only now in motels during lunch break. Stella fears the pills she saw Kim steal are for an OD, but she lies her way out. Sugar seems tempted, but it’s Matt who finds and swallows the pills as space-food, luckily found by dad just in time.

1.06 (July 5, 2005)
Directed by Harry Bradbeer & Written by Holly Phillips

Nathan is now so bitter that Stella’s well-deserved ‘birthday present’ consists in her belongings, delivered in boxes marked bitch’s this and whore’s that. However he thinks again about his foul language as Matt learns by example. Learning Sugar is about to accept Guillaume’s invitation to move in with him in Paris, jealous Kim bursts her bubble. Her attempt sell herself fails, hinting at sensitive partners ends up driving Sugar to deliver Tom of his virginity. Kim goes berserk and kidnaps the poor boy’s beloved canine pet to sabotage their next date, but the ransom scheme ends in bloody tragedy.

1.08 (July 19, 2005)
Directed by Harry Bradbeer & Written by Jane English, Katie Baxendale

To Nathan’s surprise, Stella is back but refuses to explain why. He still accepts to try adapting and acting more spontaneously in love-life. That leads to a painful food-sex-game experiment, landing her in in hospital. Kim has joined a well-meaning church’s crazy ‘gay tendency therapy’ group, only to find it’s not just disgusting Sugar who seduces her. She tries straight love, her first attempt, drunk with a stranger who ignored her virginity, failing utterly. Tom is grateful exchange first experiences, but somehow still doesn’t satisfy her emotionally.

1.09 (July 26, 2005)
Directed by Harry Bradbeer & Written by Katie Baxendale

Now Kim has broken up with Sugar, she heartlessly breaks Tom’s heart by dumping him rudely. Luckily gay co-dad Dave manages to convince the sensitive boy there’s no shortage of straight girls and having had a Lesbian is ideal bragging material among knavish mates. Nathan makes up his mind, arrogant Stella’s abusive attempts to make him sweat for the sex accident isn’t acceptable. Meanwhile Kim has an affair with beth, whom she met in the church group, but drops her when Sugar calls for help.

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