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Hello everyone! I’m sorry that updates have been very scarce around here lately – we do not post candids/paparazzi pictures here, and it seems that Andrew is taking a well-deserved break following the filming of The Amazing Spider-Man and the upcoming Death of a Salesman! I have added a few new little bits to the gallery – some missing stills from Never Let Me Go, and a scan from the December issue of SFX Magazine. Hopefully some more news with surface soon!

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USA Today: “Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield break out of the pack”

A brand new interview (and accompanying photoshoot image!) has been released with Andrew Garfield and rumoured potential co-star Emma Stone, with USA Today.

Andrew Garfield is caught in stardom’s web

The work continues in another hotly anticipated title: The Social Network, the Oct. 1 release directed by David Fincher about the tangled web of ambition, greed and betrayal behind the creation of Facebook. Garfield is Eduardo Saverin, one of the Harvard students who was a co-founder of the popular website. “It’s just a bunch of kids battling, but there are no good guys or bad guys,” he says. “It’s all gray, just like life.”

This fan of the iPad has no Facebook page. He would rather stay in touch with people “via very direct routes.” However, he has Googled himself with mixed results. “There would be a lot of really nice people saying a lot of nice things. But then I get to the one person who would say, ‘His eyebrows look big. He ought to shave his eyebrows. He looks like a freaking Neanderthal.’ I thought, ‘That’s so mean. I can’t help my eyebrows, dude.’ ” Read more …

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Andrew and Carey Promote “Never Let Me Go” in New York!

Aaaaaaaand we continue on with “Never Let Me Go” promotionals! Carey and Andrew have been flexing their red carpet prowess and have appeared last night at the New York premiere of their film “Never Let Me Go”. The pair took to the red carpet at the Tribeca Grand Hotel; assumedly, we’re also gonna get a whole heap of new media! Photos have been added into the galleries.

Public Appearances – New York “Never Let Me Go” Premiere – September 14

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Andrew Garfield promotes “Never Let Me Go” at TIFF

In the lead up to the worldwide premiere and release of “Never Let Me Go”, Andrew and co-star Carey Mulligan have appeared at the Toronto International Film Festival! Although he was only able to stay for one day (September 11) Andrew participated in and appeared on the red carpet for the film’s premiere, plus spoke about the flick at the press conference and even made a stint appearance at two extra parties along the way!

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“Never Let Me Go” at the Telluride Film Festival

“Never Let Me Go” got one of it’s first (of many!) film festival screenings over the weekend at the second day of the Telluride Film Festival. While it wasn’t revealed that Andrew was going to make an appearance, we were lucky enough to be graced with an appearance at a question-and-answer panel following the “Never Let Me Go” screening.

A photo from the event has been added to the gallery; as an added bonus, the Hollywood Reporter also uploaded a brand new interview with Andrew which covers everything from “Spiderman”, “The Social Network” and balancing a hectic actor-individual relationship!

Though his “Red Riding” films screened at Telluride last year, Andrew Garfield, who co-stars in “Never Let Me Go,” is up at the festival for the first time this year. The new film, directed by Mark Romanek, screened Friday night. I got a few minutes to talk with Garfield Sunday about his experience at the fest, the psychology of Tommy, the fragile character he plays in “Never Let Me Go,” and his future as Spider-Man.

What’s your experience of Telluride so far?
I’ve really liked it. It doesn’t feel like a festival, it feels like a holiday. It was so nice to be able to see Danny’s movie last night and I went for a hike yesterday. There’s no pressure. It’s very easy to get caught up when your film is at a festival, and you get caught up in how people are responding to it. Here, I find it much easier, I still get a bit caught up, but it’s definitely easier here because the consciousness isn’t about what’s the film to see, what’s hot. It feels more like a genuine celebration of creativity. Read more?