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Andrew for ShortList

Andrew Garfield is about to tell what he confidently describes as a “very ShortList story”. He sets aside his plate of grilled beef and salad, and leaps up from the sofa in order to act it out properly.

“It was 2010, around the time of The Social Network,” he says, pacing the room. “I was being invited to all these LA parties, and three of my mates from home [Epsom, Surrey] came out for one. Everyone there was famous, and we didn’t know what to do, so we ended up creating a little square in the middle of the room, looking in at each other. We couldn’t think of anything to say, so my mate George says, ‘Let’s all say “rhubarb”.’ So we’re all just standing there, these four tall, awkward English boys, muttering ‘rhubarb’. And then at one point, oh my God…”

He breaks off to literally – this is no exaggeration – shake with laughter. “At one point, my mate James accidentally kissed Taylor Swift on the ear! We finally started talking to people, and as we were leaving Taylor Swift says, ‘Bye guys,’ and James leans in, but he doesn’t know if it’s a hug or what, so for some reason he just… kisses her on the ear.” More shaking. He regains composure for the final chapter. “Then at the end of the night – and I won’t explain how this happened – all four of us ended up dancing in pyjamas at Quincy Jones’s house.”

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74th Annual Golden Globe Awards

Andrew Garfield attended the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards last night and apparently had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, Andrew’s lost his category but the night wasn’t wasted and we’ll provide you the important moments. First, He shared a kiss with the actor Ryan Reynolds while Ryan Gosling walked to the stage to accept his award. After that, Andrew also gave Emma Stone a standing ovation from his seat when she won Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy for La La Land.

Since everyone was/is talking about the kiss, the media made sure to make Emma Stone knows about it and her reaction was hilarious. “What?” Emma said as she was told about the moment. “They did not kiss each other! They did?! That’s hilarious.” You can check this moment and other video interviews from the red carpet by clicking on Read More button and of course, you can also check the pictures in our gallery as well.

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“Silence” Premiere

Andrew Garfield attended the Silence Premiere in Los Angeles last night at the Director’s Guild of America Theatre. He was joined at the premiere by the film’s director Martin Scorsese. You can check the pictures from the Premiere in our gallery.

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17th Annual AFI Awards

Andrew Garfield attended the 17th Annual AFI Awards luncheon tonight, which honored their movies as some of the best from 2016 and he was there of course, to support two films, Hacksaw Ridge and Silence. He was joined by Martin Scorsese as well as Mel Gibson and co-stars Vince Vaughn and Luke Bracey. Make sure to check out the pictures in our gallery.

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W Magazine

Andrew Garfield was photographed by Craig McDean for a session for W Magazine Best Performances of the Year issue.

“The majority of my process in playing a priest in Silence was praying. I’d never really prayed before, and I developed a relationship with a power greater than myself—call it God, call it love, call it what you will. It became very natural to me, and I realized that we’re all praying all the time. There’s that human impulse to worship and to long for a connection to the divine. Unfortunately, in our culture we are driven to worship things that are false and empty. I had a year of exploring this idea of what we are truly longing for and how we actually go to the places that can feed that longing. We all get glimpses of eternity every day. It’s just a question of whether we’re looking up from our iPhones long enough to notice.”

He also got deep with Lynn Hirschberg, from praying for a full year to prep for his role in Martin Scorsese’s “Silence” to realizing it really is a small world on a stoned trip to Disneyland.